Vole Control
& Removal

Lawn & Garden Enemy #1

Somewhere between a mouse and a mole, is the vole. this burrowing rodent often will eat the roots of plants and grass at mealtime, causing havoc to your landscape.

if you start to notice small holes around the edges of your lawn, garden, or bushes, the likely cause on Cape Cod is a vole.

Voles are generally not dangerous to people, however, they can spread various diseases through their urine & feces and introduce parasites onto your property.

Did You Know?

Many vole species are very skilled swimmers! The European Water Vole can swim up to 50 feet underwater!

Say No to Voles

Because voles spend the majority of their time underground, it can be difficult at first to identify if you have a problem, until damage has occured.

Some common vole damage signs are:

  • Flowers with missing bulbs
  • Yellow and wilted plants
  • Bark missing from the lower end of trees
  • Irregular patches of dead grass

If you have an issue with voles on your property, contact the experts at Trap All Wildlife for fast removal and remediation.

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