Mole Removal
& Control

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Moles are destructive pests that can harm both ornamental plants and landscaping as they burrow underground in search of grubs, which are plentiful here in the areas of Cape Cod and South Shore.

If you start noticing deep holes or raised ridges around your yard, garden or driveway, you may need to consider mole remediation to protect your property from expensive damages.

Did You Know?

A single adult mole can dig up to 18 feet in just one hour.

Defend Your Landscape

A single mature mole is capable of making roughly 10 to 15 mounds over the course of a week. Their tunnels may make it hard to mow your lawn. Also, mole burrows may give opportunity for other mammals - voles, for instance - to move through them as well, another nuisance pest which can be common in our area.

Of course, the best way control moles on your property is to call in a professional. Just missing a couple of moles, tunnels, or something else, could cause a new or larger infestation.

The Trap All Wildlife Services Difference: Prevention & Exclusion

The first step is to always remove the pests, but few go the extra mile to keep them from returning. We take the time to identify key entry points into your home or property by either sealing holes, adding welded wire below decks, chimney caps, attic vent covers, metal flashing, or installing ridge guards afterwards to best prevent these pests from coming back.

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