Additional Services

Sanitize, Replace, & Prevent

The first step is to always remove the pests, but few go the extra mile to keep them from returning. Trap All Wildlife's Insulation and Prevention Services will return your home back to normal, and keep your property pest free for years to come.

Insulation Replacement

As most people may know, leaving an attic or interior wall insulation covered in the feces and urine pests leave behind is not just a bad idea, it's a serious danger to your health. That is why cleaning and decontaminating the attic after an infestation is crucial in preventing future infestations.

Trap All Wildlife understands their nesting habits and biology.

Raccoon droppings are dangerous, containing ring worm and leptospirosis. Bat droppings contain a fungal spore called histoplasmosis, which is especially harmful once disturbed in attics and goes airborne.

Our insulation decontamination process begins by vaccuming any droppings, cleaning and sterilizing infected areas, and replacing the soiled insulation, whether fiberglass or blown-in. Trap All Wildlife can handle it all.

We Provide Insulation Replacement for
Attics • Basements • Walls • Crawl Spaces

The Trap All Wildlife Difference: Prevention & Exclusion

The first step is to always remove the pests, but few go the extra mile to keep them from returning. We take the time to identify key entry points into your home or property and provide solutions to best prevent these pests from coming back.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps have benefits and can help prevent problems from happening in your chimney. Chimney Caps are useful in many ways, including:

  • Preventing Animals from Entering Your Home
  • Reducing Embers & Sparks from Igniting Fires
  • Keeping Out Rainwater
  • Minimizing Wind Drafts

Attic & Roof Vents

Old & Damaged Attic Vents are one of the most common points of entry for many common household pests. Trap All Wildlife will replace ineffective attic & roof vents with modern, better designed versions designed to withstand both the aggressive New England weather, and the animals who call this area their home.


RIDGE-GUARD® is a specialized system for preventing pest entry at the roof ridge.

While roof ridges are effective at reducing energy costs, they in turn create a new entry point for pests who would like to call your attic their home.

RIDGE-GUARD® is a cost-efficient product designed to maintain the effectiveness of roof ridges, while keeping pests out of your property.

Deck Trenching

Deck Trenching is an effective and affordable solution to protect your outdoor structures from unwanted invaders. Many animals that you would not want to take up residence on your property find homes often underneath decks, porches, gazebos, and other common structures. Wire Trenching prevents many animals from taking shelter in your home or business.

Osprey & Hawk Prevention

Hawks, Ospreys and similar birds of prey often will nest on high, flat locations, and occasionally, will choose chimneys for this purpose. Trap All Wildlife can produce custom-designed angled steel chimney caps which will deter these birds from nesting on your home. This non-invasive product will serve you well for decades protecting both your home, and these majestic animals.

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