Bird Deterrents

Keep Birds Away From Your Home

While birds historically prefer to make their homes in trees, there are many parts of your home which a bird could use for shelter or sustenance.

As beautiful (or even desired) as they can be flying through the air, or perched on a nearby bird feeder or tree limb, wild birds of kinds are best observed from afar.

Did You Know?

Wild Birds are some of the most parasite & disease-carrying animals around, and can pose dangerous health threats to humans.

Protect Health &
Your Property

While the majority of risks that birds can pose to humans are when they take residence in your attics, chimneys, or gutters, deterring birds from parts of your property can also protect the structures themselves. Woodpeckers in the area are notorious for pounding away at the wood trim & shingles on our homes. Waking up to the sound of jackhammer-like banging and your house shaking is far for pleasant as well.

It's best to keep their beaks at bay.

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